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What will Donald Trump tweet next? Will it be something about you or your friends? Well now it can! Check out the Trump Tweet Generator to insult yourself or your friends and have fun!
Have you ever wanted a Camo Kitchen? The folks at Mossy Oak have just the plan on how to make it happen. 
The Raging Idiots did a parody of Luke Bryan's Strip It Down. And here is the world premiere of the video for Scared Of Clowns:

I have seen plenty of aerial views of Richmond, but this video is does an awesome job of capturing the city's beauty. We really do live and work in a cool area. Click the title to see the video.


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I grew up in Maryland, so bring on the crab cakes and football anytime! GO RAVENS! I started in broadcasting when I was in high school. But I didn't start out in radio... my first broadcasting job was as a TV weatherman. I spent almost 5 years bouncing around to a couple TV stations, and it eventually landed me in Fredericksburg, VA. I always had a passion for weather, so it was a great career for me. I studied Broadcast Meteorology at Mississippi State University. So how did I get into radio? I started working part-time for a country station on the weekends and when I had a chance to make it a full-time career, I couldn't pass it up! I spent almost 10 years there before I heard The Wolf howling for me here in Richmond. My radio journey has been more fun than I ever imagined. And I have had the chance to do some amazing things and meet some amazing people. And it only keeps getting better!

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